Classic pillow 50×50 cm amirioramirior

Classic pillow 50×50 cm amirioramirior

Round neck sweater with jacquard knitting pattern, black-gray Carlo ColucciCarlo Colucci

Thread chaos on the sewing machine – 3 valuable tips | Simply sew – tips and tricks for sewing


Knitting instructions Kay XL by oceanandyarn / #Instructions #Instructions #Simple #Handwork #Knitting

Sweater, Sienna SiennaSienna

Knit. Simple openwork pattern, #workwork #work #simple #s …, #workwork

Whether printed or as a download: Here you can get unique instructions such as the Gryer knitting instructions by Isabell Kraemer in German.

Pullover, Amy Vermont Amy VermontAmy Vermont

6m ceramic tiles Mildewproof Gap Tape, # ceramic tiles #mildewproof


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